The Chinese Crested is one of the many hairless breeds in the world. They are the only breed of hairless dogs that carry the gene for long coat. The breed originally came from Africa. Chinese trading ships picked up these dogs because they were good ratters on the ships and carried no fleas. They renamed the dogs Chinese Crested.

The ideal Chinese Crested is a small, active and graceful dog that is a loving, playful and entertaining companion. They are happy and alert toy breed.

They come in two varieties which may be born in the same litter: the Hairless and Powderpuff. The Hairless has hair on it head, tail and feet. The Powderpuff has a short undercoat with a soft veil hair over the top. Both come in numerous colors.

Cresteds are highly intelligent. They are easily trained and do well in obedience and agility. They enjoy the companionship of their families. They get along well with other breeds of dogs and cats.



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